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Buy a car at America's leading auctions

Everything is difficult in the import of goods. From the moment of purchase to the handover of the vehicle, our customers see all the procedures with ease

Pay with internet banking

Only for Karex Import users, you can transfer any amount in foreign currency without leaving your home with Internet Banking of Georgia

Domestic financing

Instantly approve up to 50% in-house financing before the vehicle arrives

Long-term leasing

Take advantage of TBC Leasing and get 1 to 5 year financing on your desired car without any income verification and pay only 20%.

The lowest rates in the region

Carex Import offers you the lowest shipping rates without any intermediaries. Contact us for detailed information

Get additional income

You can earn extra income in one of the most growing and demanding business, Carex Import allows you to engage or deepen your business in auto import, contact us for detailed information.

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